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If you are an affiliate, a new startup or an experienced Travel Agency and looking for ways to create your very own online Private Branded Travel Portal or improve your social media marketings strategies,

BilligtGo is the right platform for you!

How can you build a website similar to Trivago?

Use aggregator Companies: If you simply want to have a Hotels & Flights Price Comparison Website irrespective of what all hotel/flights suppliers it shows – For this, you can use US

The Ultimate Travel Portal Pack

White Label

A multi-languages + RTL & all currencies white label website, so you can work with customers all around the world! The White Label is powered by Jetradar and Hotellook that is integrated into your site's design.

IOS application

A mobile application based on White Label application for IOS devices, that's each partner can customize it for himself, the style (main color) of the website, a unique internal icon (a general default icon in Apple store), an e-mail for contact us.

Android application

The Android application is not a white label. In fact, it is a unique application, your icon and your trademark on google play and inside the application. In two words, just for you!

Analytic application

IOS and Android statistics application give you real-time data about the followings activity on your travel portal: Visitors, Searches, Number, Clicks, Bookings, Ads revenue, Total revenue.

Build Your Future Company

Visitor Books Travel

You Get Paid

  • We pay up to 80% of the revenue on each sale. Purchase details will be displayed in your Dashboard as soon as the customer pays for the service.


Well-designed, useful and cutting-edge tools that ensure high conversion rates.


Automatize all your activities on Instagram with a BONUS membership on

Dev System

Are you a Developer? We have a great API and Mobile SDK.


Superfast Support Team. We process more than 40% of requests within an hour!


Airlines ticketing

Revenue share is up to 80% for each sale. The more you sell, the higher your income. On average it’s 1.6% for a flight booking and 6% for a hotel booking.


Our efforts

1 %
1 %
1 %

Check out our work

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Customers reviews

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Most frequent questions and answers, you will find all the information you need.

No problem!

Absolutely you can use it, but keep in your mind the followings:
– The yearly membership price will remain the same.
– You are responsible to renew your domain name year after year or bulk years.
– Everything connected to your domain name by any hosting will no longer exist, design, posts, pages, everything.
– You can not add any extra pages to the travel portal, its white label service and can not be anything else.
– Thank you for understanding.

Please see the following pictures for more info:

* And scroll down to “A guide made by a partner” slide show, under the blue button “order your portal”



Statistics and reports

You will get an IOS and Android statistics application that gives you real-time data about the followings activity on your travel portal:
Visitors, Searches, Number, Clicks, Bookings, Revenue, Ads revenue.

The report contains information about all clicks, searches, purchases and clients brought in by the affiliate.

The table contains the following columns:

  • Visitors – Number of unique people who have started searching for a flight/hotel on Jetradar or Hotellook.
  • Searches – Number of searches initiated by visitors (i.e., how many times users entered a query and pressed “Search”).
  • Clicks – Number of clicks on the links in the search results.
  • Bookings – Number of visitors who have booked tickets/hotel rooms.
  • Paid Bookings – Number of paid bookings.
  • Revenue – Income received by the affiliate from paid-for bookings.
  • Ads Revenue – rewards for clicks on advertising media on the sites of our projects Aviasales, Hotellook and Jetradar (the procedure of calculation and the amount of rewards are not disclosed). Statistics are updated once a day.

Good-quality traffic is targeted traffic, i.e., visitors who are using search not out of idle curiosity but to find and book tickets to a place of interest. This kind of traffic can be obtained from tourism-related sites and blogs.


Quite a large number of partners have their own websites, which using White Label. At the same time, the share of traffic from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) is already over 50%. Previously, this traffic could be monetized only through the website. Now partners are able to customize the IOS mobile application.

A mobile application based on the White Label is an application for IOS devices, that each partner can customize his own app. The application can be designed using the style (main color) of the partner’s website, contain a unique internal icon, e-mail for contact us communication.

When installing a mobile application, users are assigned to the affiliate on a permanent basis. This is important to remember in addition to the fact that the “first come, first served” principle operates here. The fact is that actually the same application is always installed, but its appearance is determined by the settings of the specific partner.

At the first click through the link in the Apple Store, the user is attached to the partner. In case the user has installed a mobile application of one of the partners, deleted it after, and then will try to install your mobile application – it will still have the application of the first partner.

The partners auto link powered with Appsflyer

If you want a private (just for you) IOS application,(+150$/per year) email us 

The Android application is not a white label. In fact, it is a unique application, your icon and your trademark on google play and inside the application. In two words, just for you!

How can I receive payout?


Payment method

Minimum payout amount

Commission percentage (of Travelpayouts revenue from flight and hotel booking)



Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)

EUR 400

USD 500

60% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is less than USD 3,000/month

70% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is more than USD 3,000/month

Bank commission of approximately USD $30 is withheld.

If the amount of the payment exceeds $ 1000, then we incur all commissions.



EUR 40

USD 50

PayPal commission is at Travelpayouts expense.



EUR 40

USD 50

See system commissions

Commissions are paid out from the 11th to 20th of the following month, as long as the minimum amount has been earned and payout method is filled out in your personal account before 9th of the month.

This means that commissions credited to an partner account in August are paid out between 11 and 20 September, for example.

The minimum amount depends on the payout method (see table above). If an affiliate does not earn the minimum commission during a month, the amount is rolled over to the next month.

Payout process

  1. On the 10th of every month we verify balance sheet.
  2. On the 11th, after verification is complete, payouts begin.
  3. Payouts are made in the following sequence:
    • WebMoney (within one day)
    • ePayments (within one day)
    • PayPal* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)
    • Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)
  4. If you have still not received payment by the 20th of the month, contact support.

We share 50% to 70% of our earnings generated by your traffic:

  • 50% – if you didn’t fill your payment method;
  • 60% – if our earnings generated by your traffic don’t exceed USD 3000 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and clawbacks from previous periods;
  • 70% – if our earnings generated by your traffic exceed USD 3000 in the reporting month, excluding pending, cancelled sales and Clawbacks from previous periods.

We share with our partners 50 to 70% of the income we receive from agencies and airlines. Our income depends on ticket price and the agency from which the user is buying a ticket. On average, we receive around 2.2% of the price of the ticket, of which we give our partners 50 to 70%, which is equivalent to 1.1 to 1.5% of the ticket price. (Example: for a ticket costing $500, our average income is $11, of which our partners receive $5.50 to $6.20 from us).

ATTN.: A part of our vendors (agencies and airlines) pay fixed commission which doesn’t depend on ticket cost. It means they pay the same commission for any booking. Some agencies pay us for clicks on the links. Information about calculating of revenue isn’t disclosed. 

We share the same proportion with affiliates for hotels as we do for plane tickets (50 to 70%). For booking hotels, we have created a separate service with, respectively. The average hotel reservation is worth USD 400. This means an average income for us of $30 per reservation, of which our affiliate receives $15 to $20.

HotelLook allows you to find and compare worldwide hotel prices provided by leading reservation systems. HotelLook was founded in 2013 by the largest air tickets search engine. Hotellook provides aggregated information on more than 250,000 hotels in 205 countries working together with more than 10 online reservation systems such as,,, and Expedia.

About HotelLook:

The main purpose of Hotellook is to make your trip is not only interesting and full of exciting adventures, but also cost-effective.

How does it work?

  1. First, you should fill out the order form with the name of the city or hotel you want to reserve.
  2. We search prices of the chosen item by means of leading online hotel reservation systems.
  3. You compare the prices and select the hotel that suits you best.
  4. Finally, we redirect you to a search partner providing the best price where you can reserve this hotel.

Our search engine services are absolutely free. All the prices are displayed with buried taxes and standard charges.

Why HotelLook?

The main advantages of our search engine are as follows:

  1. Instant search of the best prices by means of leading hotel reservation systems.
  2. Reservations via your favorite web sites.
  3. Easy reservations from any place in a matter of seconds.
  4. No fee for using of our search engine.
  5. Search and comparison of more than 250,000 hotels in 205 countries.
  6. Hotel ratings are based on the reviews from real customers.

The benefits of a self-guided tour:

  1. You can think over the route of any complexity and you are free to choose the places you wish to see.
  2. You have the perfect opportunity to choose any of the reservation systems that offers the best price.
  3. By choosing HotelLook you can save on your reservation and by using an air tickets search engine JetRadar on flights.

Commission is charged as soon as the agency has transferred to us information about payment tickets. In most cases, this occurs within several hours after ticket issuance. For room reservations, commission is charged a week later, after the client has checked out of the hotel.

We receive booking information from the agency every 15 minutes. This information is saved in the statistics data base. The report in your personal account is updated every five minutes.

Sometimes there is a delay in our receipt of booking information. Some agencies provide information once a day, while some send statistics once a month.

Note: Low-cost airlines, as a rule, do not pay a fee to agents for the selling of tickets. This means we cannot pay profit to partners.

You can read more information about low-cost airlines:

What Are Low-Cost Airlines?

Low-cost airlines are those airline companies that do not include the following services in the cost of their tickets:

  • Meals on the boards;
  • A convenient departure time;
  • In addition, luggage may be transferred for an additional fee and money for tickets is not refundable.

Due to this, they are able to offer the lowest prices for tickets. On the one hand, this is very convenient for travelers, but it is not always good for those who sell the tickets. The fact is, low-cost airlines, as a rule, do not pay a fee to agents for the selling of tickets (which helps the airlines save money).

This means we do not have the opportunity to pay profits to partners.

We are not a ticket agency; we are a meta search engine. That is why it is important for us that a user of our site be able to find the cheapest tickets. We intentionally include low-cost airlines in our search; however, if a partner requests it for his or her marker, we can turn off specific ticket agencies and airline companies.

The Low-Cost Airlines List in Jetradar

Available in a search of the English version of the site is a list of airline companies and agencies that do not transfer sales statistics to us (relevant as of 11.09.2018):

  • Adria Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Airasia
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Byojet
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Cheapoair
  • China Travel Depot
  • Condor
  • Cyprus Airways
  • Easy Jet
  • Edreams
  • EgyptAir
  • Firefly
  • Flightschannel
  • Happyair
  • Jetstar
  • Justfly/Flightub
  • Kanair
  • Qatar
  • Ryanair
  • SATA International
  • Scoot
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Skybooker
  • Sunexpress
  • Thai Smile
  • ThomasCook Airlines
  • Tigerairways
  • Transavia
  • WizzAir

How to Make Money Out of Low-Cost Airlines

To receive remuneration from low-cost airlines you may buy a ticket from an agency which creates its own surcharge. For this purpose, select an agency in the list of tickets. (If there are no agencies, the airline company does not work with them; available on our site.)

In this case, the price will be a bit higher than the airline company’s price. It is at your discretion.

The payout for any given month is made from the 10th to the 20th of the following month, as long as the minimum payout amount has been accumulated. For example:

  • Your earnings for January are 40 US dollars.
  • On 5 February, you earned another 20 US dollars.
  • Your next payout will be made between 10 and 20 March (not 10 and 20 February) because your balance as of the end of January (40 US dollars) was less than the minimum payout threshold (50 US dollars).

After payments are sent, the money takes another one to three working days to arrive (allowing for processing by the bank/payment system). If it has been more than three days since the payment was sent and you still have not received it, contact our affiliate support:

Budget carriers (such as and do not pay us a commission for the tickets we sell. Nonetheless, to give users the opportunity to find the cheapest tickets no matter what, we display the prices for low-cost carriers in the search results. Neither we nor our partners receive any commission for sales made through low-cost airlines.

As for low commissions, we have different financial terms with each agency. Some agencies give us a percentage of the ticket cost. Some agencies credit us a fixed amount regardless of the ticket cost, or pay a percentage of their markup on the ticket. In some destination pairs, agency markup can be very low.

In all cases, we share 50% to 70% of our income with our partners.

When a partners returns a previously booked and paid-for ticket, a negative commission appears in the statistics list, reducing the overall commission amount.

For example, a ticket was bought on 15 February 2014 and the partner earned a commission of $10. However, on 25 February 2014, the ticket was refunded. In this case, the statistics for 25 February 2014 will show a commission of “- $10” (negative).

Contextual advertising systems, including Yandex. Direct, can only be used if:

  • Follow the link leads to your website or landing page, where there is no auto-redirect to any of our domains aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts.
  • There is no mention of our brands aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts in the ad — as well as any of their wordings (see the full list below).
  • Travelpayouts logos are not used in the ad.
  • Ad is not shown for brands keywords — aviasales/hotellook/jetradar/travelpayouts and for any of their wordings (see the full list below).

For example, make an ad:

  • «Search for cheap air tickets» with a link to our domain — available.
  • «Search for cheap tickets on jetradar» with a link to our domain — not available.
  • «Search for cheap air tickets» with a link to — not available.

Accounts that violate these rules are blocked without the possibility of receiving the earned money.

Any clickthroughs to our websites (aviasales, hotellook, jetradar) from contextual advertising are not counted in the statistics. The reward for booking after those clickthroughs is not crediting!

The list of negative keywords to use when making contextual ads:

  • aviasales
  • avia sales
  • jetradar
  • jet radar
  • jetrader
  • hotellook
  • hotellok
  • hotelook
  • hotel look

Google Analytics Overview

Let’s begin with an overview of Google Analytics.

GA (Google Analytics) is organized by a hierarchy of Accounts, Properties, and Views. A property is a website, or mobile app, or a point of sale device (like an external checkin service). A view is a filtered version of your website data (e.g. a common view is one that filters out employees at your company because you want to track website visitors, not your employees’ sessions).


For example, if you only have one website, you only need one Google Analytics account with one website property. If you have two websites (e.g. a personal website and a website for your business), you can make two accounts (one for each website).

Set up your first Google Analytics account and property

Use your Google Account or create new google account, then go to Google Analytics and sign up.


After you sign up, you can set up your account and website information (e.g. account name, website name, website URL, industry category, etc). Make sure you use the right time zone.

Get your Google Analytics Tracking ID

After setting up your account, you will be directly sent to a page similar to the one that you see below. If not, simply go to the Admin >>> Tracking Info section (it’s under the Property column).

Here, what you are looking for is the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics account. You can either write this code down (or paste it to a word doc), or simply keep the tab open while you enter your travel portal settings, then copy paste this code in the right place.

We are a team of 8 talented app developers and designers, with cutting-edge technologies and best practices. We use Travelpayouts travel affiliate program that includes such brands as,, and a network of offers for additional earnings in the tourist market (car rental, insurance, transfers, excursions and much more).
We create travel white label and Android application from Travelpayouts free available tools.
We believe short iterations deliver great experience and products.
We build products and services that create great value.
Over the past ten years, we have been working with individuals and businesses of all sizes to build quality digital products and experiences.

A bit from what we use for creating your travel portal:

  • JetRadar (available in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages) is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world, helping thousands of people compare airline prices.
  • Aviasales (available in Russian) is the leading flight search engine in Russia and the Ukraine.
  • Hotellook (available in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages) allows you to find and compare worldwide hotel prices provided by leading reservation systems (,,, Expedia, etc.).

This is the cost of your travel agency

Complete Travel Portal

Your own website + IOS app + Android app
$ 144
00/first year

Then $67/y∞ - ♥it's just $6.00/m♥
  • Domain name (your choice)
  • IOS application
  • Android application
  • Flight and Hotel comparison website
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • No name or link to us
  • Your logo and slogan
  • Your trademark
  • GDPR & privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Analytics application
  • In 41 languages
  • All currencies
  • Social media icons
  • Support
Ultimate pack

A guide made by a partner

Click the picture to enlarge
Download a FREE guide from our best partners: How can you build a website similar to Trivago?

Read me

You will get immediate access to your account page & you will be able to choose what site look you want & upload your logo/icon.

Your initial charge will be $144.00 USD. You will then be charged $67.00USD per year for future years.

You may cancel at any time by submitting a membership cancellation ticket from your dashboard.

Access to the product will be sent to you immediately after the purchase is completed.

Please be aware if you order today, your position in the queue will be 7th that’s mean you will get your travel portal ready 3 days after the 7th in the queue, which means after 10 days (7+3) you will be ready to lunch your very own travel agency. 2019. Copyright © BilligtGo Operating Company. All Rights Reserved

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